2010 01 STONE WALL 250PXPrior to the restoration, visitors woud have noticed that the cemetery was surrounded by a mound wall.  Most had come to believe that this was an earthen mound, since it was covered by grass and smal brush.

In eary 2009, Anne Kells and some of her family were examining the found and they uncovered some sandstones under a loose layer of earth.  In the fall of 2009, I spent some time and exposed about 20 feet of the sandstone wall that is now clearly visible.

An archaeologist from the University of Prince Edward Island was contacted about the stone wall. They told us that this would have been typical of cemeteries in Scotland, and that they knew of no other cemeteries on Prince Edward Island which had a similar wall structure. 

The Restoration Committee secured funding, and in the fall of 2010, the restoration of the stone wall took place.  So, on the next visit to the cemetery, remember that the red stone wall is some very rare and unique, and which adds to the beauty of the setting.

Click below for photos of the restoration.