Facebook Group for "Honouring Our Ancestors"

Kelly Stephen, the author of the "Honouring our Ancestors" book, has created a group on Facebook.  I encourage you to visit and join his group. 

In this group, he shares pictures that he has collected on the people of the area, beyond what was possible to include in his book.  There are some great photos, so go check it out.  The link is below, or you can search Facebook for "Honouring our Ancestors".


Memorial Mass

On July 27, the Annual Memorial Mass was held at the Pioneer Cemetery.  Conditions were perfect, with a warm breeze, which was comfortable and kept the flys away.  It was a lovely event, as you'll see in the photos.

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Pioneer Cemetery receives Grant

We are pleased to announce that the Pioneer Cemetery has received a grant from the Association responsible for the nearby windfarm.  These funds will be used for the purchase of a tractor lawnmower and related equipment and services to support the maintenance of the cemetery.