Restoration featured in the Eastern Graphic, August 2009

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PEI's Eastern Graphic featured the cemetery on August 12, 2009


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Cemetery designated as a PEI Heritage Place!!

2009-Heritage-Place-Award-250px highMaster of Ceremonies - Ray Malone -  welcomes everyone and introduce the Honorable Alan Campbell, who presents the Heritage Designation

Thank you Ray Malone ...  Members of the St. Margaret of Scotland Pioneer Restoration Committee, Father Doug MacDonald, St. Margaret's Parish members, honoured guests and visitors, ladies and gentlemen ...

I am pleased to be here this afternoon on behalf of the Honorable Carolyn Bertram, Minister of Communities, Cultural Affairs and Labour to be part of your commemoration of the St. Margaret of Scotland Pioneer Cemetery.  I am pleased to see so many people here today with an interest in St. Margaret's and its pioneer cemetery.  

The Cemetery Restoration Committee are to be commended for their interest and work in the restoration and maintenance of this historic cemetery.  I understand many volunteers and donors have worked towards the goal of restoring the cemetery and organizing for today's events.  You are all to be congratulated for your dedication and hard work.

It is always important to remember and honour the pioneers who ventured far from their homes in search of new beginnings and opportunities.  Pioneers, such as the early Scottish families who came to this area of our province in the 1770's, helped to settle and shape our province by clearing land, planting crops, building home, establishing communities, schools, churches, businesses, and more.

St. Margaret's is certainly a beautiful and unique location which adds to the charm and historical significance of the pioneer cemetery.  A church was built in the community in 1803 and shortly after the cemetery was established.  The cemetery was used until about 1895 when the church was relocated further inland to its current site, where we are this afternoon, and a new graveyard was established.  The pioneer cemetery includes 140 gravestones and the remains of many more of our early settlers and ancestors which have gone unmarked, or the markets have deteriorated over time.  The cemetery served a large area of the northside, from St. Peter's Bay to Eat Point.  Many of the early settler families commemorated in the cemetery are names still found in this community and area:  MacAulay, MacCormack, MacDonald, MacInnis, MacIsaac, MacKenzie, MacPhee, and others.

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St. Margaret of Scotland Cemetery is Re-Dedicated by the Church, August 2009

2009 0908 Mass 018 350PXBy late July, the first phase of the restoration had been completed, with many stones straightened, and fixed and put into place.  To celebrate the renewal of the ceremony, the Bishop of PEI led a dedication ceremony at the cemetery. This was a significant event, since the cemetery would not be recognized as an actively maintained cemetery, and place of respect.

The ceremony was followed by a Ceilidh event at the St. Margarets Church and Parish Hall.

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St. Margaret of Scotland Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Committee
August 9, 2009 Fundraiser

The St. Margaret of Scotland Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Committee hosted a fundraising event, in St. Margarets, PEI on August 9, 2009.  The objective was to host an event to raise awareness of the rich heritage and contribution of the early settlers and raise funds that will support the restoration of the Pioneer Cemetery.  This fundraiser was a new initiative of the St Margaret of Scotland Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Committee. Although there have been Parish Picnics in the past, to our knowledge there has not been an event to honor our ancestors buried in the Pioneer Cemetery. This project was an opportunity for the community to work together on an important heritage project. The committee held regular community meetings to ensure their involvement and support.  One example of decisions made at community meetings was how much to charge for the event. The community was adamant that we charge no more than $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under. 

The Pioneer Cemetery Fundraiser began with Mass in the St. Margaret of Scotland Pioneer Cemetery and the unveiling and blessing of the Celtic Cross.  A buffet lunch was served in the Church Hall. The afternoon events were held in the St. Margaret of Scotland Church.  Honourable Alan Campbell, Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning, announced the designation of the Pioneer Cemetery as a Heritage Place. This was followed by a presentation on the life of the early settlers and a presentation on the progress of the Pioneer Cemetery restoration. The afternoon was concluded with a Ceilidh, which included songs, stories, bagpipes and fiddle tunes.

The Committee was successful in meeting its objectives thanks to the countless hours spent is completing the many tasks necessary to pull off such an event. $4523 was raised at the event: (Lottery - $953.70, Event registration - $1903.08, Mass Collection- $1276). These funds will allow the restoration of another section of the cemetery. Donations are still needed to complete the restoration of the headstones and the wall.

The Fundraising event was an opportunity to learn more about our heritage and raise funds to restore the beauty and dignity to the St. Margaret of Scotland Pioneer Cemetery which has fallen into disrepair.  The St. Margaret of Scotland Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Committee is very grateful for the support of all who offered their time, expertise and financial support. A great deal of progress has been made in restoring the cemetery. However there is still a great deal of work to be completed. Your continued participation and support will be appreciated. You can send donations to:

Pioneer Cemetery Fund  c/o St. Margarets Parish, Fairfield RR2, PEI, COA 2B0 Canada 

A tax receipt will be issued for all donations.    Questions? - please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.