Asia Shipwreck victims (1839)

There is an unmarked mass grave in the cemetery for Capt. Bastin and his crew of the fishing vessel Asia, that was lost off Naufrage in the summer of 1839.

On September 21, 1839, it was reported - The Schooner Asia, of Newbury Port, U.S., was driven on shore at Naufrage, on the northern coast of this Island, on the 13th inst. Crew, consisting of nine persons, lost. The bodies of Capt. Bastin and two of the men have since been picked up. The hull and materials of the vessel are adveristed to be sold.

The hull, spars, sails, foresail, mainsail and jib standing and running rigging, blocks, fishing gear, barrels of salt, empty barrels and other materials from the 80 ton schooner Asia from Newburyport, Massachusetts were sold by auction at Naufrage on September 24, 1839, where she was wrecked on September 13. Everything was described in the Colonial Herald as being “nearly new”.

The remains of the remaining six were found in early October and interred in the cemetery. The remains were shrouded with the reminants of a sail, that was not sold in the sale. Seaman Donnell had emigrated to the United States from Ireland about three months prior to his death. The burial of the last two remains was witnessed by the captain of another vessel from Newburyport, since a priest was not available. The Captain returned personal several personal effects to family members.