1973-74 Restoration and Re-dedication

The restoration began during the later part of 1973. The condition of the Cemetery was such that one would wonder if it could ever be restored, five head stones were left standing on ploughed land with undergrowth of tall  grass and thorny bushes.  An earthen and stone dyke about three feet high enclosed the cemetery. Upon examination of the dyke head stones were found lying just outside of it apparently been pushed or placed there for a purpose which never came about, many were broken and pieces scattered about.A road grader and a turndozer were used to clear and level the. grounds in preparation for raking and seeding. The headstones were then brought back into the cemetery, many broken which meant sorting the pieces and placing them together for repairing and erecting. You'll see today that there are 132 headstones all repaired and standing the results of the work carried out under the supervision of Mr. Patrick Lundrigan.