DEED for St. Margaret’s Church

This indenture made the twenty third day of July in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five between John Cambridge Esquire of Greenwich (Lot 40) in Prince Edward Island, North America of the one part and Angus MacEachern of St. Andrews (Lot 38) of said island of the other part.

Witnessed that the said John Cambridge for and in consideration of the sum of ten pounds, ten shillings sterling to him in hand being paid by the said Angus MacEachern.

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1811 Conveyance to Allan MacDonald

John Cambridge and wife to Allan MacDonald of St. Margaret’s

This indenture made the fourteenth day of April in the year of Our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and nineteen between John Cambridge late of Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island but at present residing in that part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland called England (by Samuel Cambridge of Charlottetown aforesaid Esquire his attorney there unto lawfully authorized  and appointed as herein after mentioned) and Mary, his wife of the one part, and Allan MacDonald of East Parish in Kings County, Prince Edward Island aforesaid of the other part.

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1857 Big Cape Farm - Vitalis MacDonald

MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT (March 30, 1857) between Vitalis (Fidelis ) MacDonald, Margaret MacDonald, and Catherine MacDonald

This is a memorandum of agreement between Vitalis MacDonald and Margaret MacDonald of one part and Catherine MacDonald, widow of the late Ronald B MacDonald of the other part.

First that the Big Cape farm in two halves, Vitalis and Margaret to have the half of the farm at Big Cape on the west side and Catherine MacDonald to have the east side of the said farm. Both parties are to have the use of the well of water that is dug on the farm.

Second the hay, grain, potatoes are to be made in equal halves and the hired men that are setting the crop are to be paid one half by Vitalis and his mother Margaret and the other half by Catherine. The said Vitalis MacDonald and Margaret are to put a sufficient chimney in the house that is one fire place and to be attached to the beams and clay out to the top.

And that the 30 pounds that was paid for the land is to be shared, that is 15 pounds for Vital and Margaret and 15 pounds for Catherine.

Given under our hand and seal

Catherine MacDonald

Witnessed by

Donald MacDonald
Ronald MacDonald

10 Shillings received from Margaret MacDonald to Catherine