1894 Margaret McLellan (1894)


A long and useful career came to a peaceful end on Thursday, the 25th ult., at St. Margaret's, Lot 45, when Mrs. Donald McLellan breathed her last. She had been unwell for some time, and her symptoms becoming gradually worse, she received the last Sacraments on Sunday, 21st, at the hands of the Rev. Dr. Walker. The end came on the 25th, precipitated by hemmorhage of the brain.

The news spread rapidly and messages were sent to the grief stricken house from all parts of the parish. The deceased lady had won universal favor during her short residence there and a very large concourse of people accordingly assisted at the funeral obsequies. The service on Saturday morning was specially impressive. His Lordship Bishop McDonald officiated, assisted by Rev. D. F. McDonald, of Souris, as Deacon, and Rev. Dr. Walker, of Rollo Bay, as sub-deacon, the Rev. A. J. McIntyre acting as master of ceremonies. The Rev. A. P. McLellan sat in the sanctuary, and the choir was strengthened by the presence of Rev. R. J. Gillis of St. Peter's Bay.

The Church service over, the funeral procession moved to the cemetery, where Fr. McLellan read the prescribed prayers of the Ritual, the people standing around him wrapped in deep thought. The stillness of the hour was broken only by the ceaseless surging of the waves near by, which seem to keep their vigils over this city of the dead, chanting their solemn requiem till those who now sleep in the Lord, shall come forth to life again.

Father. McLellan of St. Margaret's, Dr. McLellan of Souris, Mr. John McLellan, machinist, and Miss Mary McLellan, are the surviving members of her family, and to them as well as the bereaved husband, we extend our deepest sympathy.