Rev. Lee Gillis

The Hon. Bruce Stewart said something that meant a lot to me, don't know if it means much to you, but the requirements of a cemetery has to be fenced and had to be blessed. This ground has been blessed before and we don't need to bless it again, but you and I by the same token have all been baptized so we are going to sprinkle some holy water on the graveyard to remind us that the water we are sprinkling is water which has been used as a sign of baptism, a sign of life, for us as christians and we are going to ask Father Wendall to do this.

My dearest brothers and sisters, you are reminded that coffee will be available at the hall and in the hope of the resurrection, let us leave now our brothers and sisters to rest in peace, and the Almighty God bless us, the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.