Alexander (Sandy) O’Henley (1818- 1876)

The gravestone can be found on the right side of the cemetery, in the 5th row.


He was born in Prince Edward Island most likely the son of Donald O’Henley and Ann MacDonald, which was the only O’Henley household recorded at Naufrage at that time.

The O’Henley’s emigrated from South Uist, Scotland, to Naufrage presumably in the out migration of 750 "papists" from Scotland in 1802.  As the name O’Henley suggests, the ethnic origin of the O’Henley’s is Irish. The O’Henley’s who emigrated from Ireland to South Uist established themselves there a few hundred years before the 1802 Scottish migration to P.E.I.

Sandy O’Henley married Elizabeth MacDonald, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vitalis (Fideles?) MacDonald of Greenwich, P.E.I. Sandy and Elizabeth’s first child John, born in 1849, provides a clue to the year they were married. Other children of Sandy and Elizabeth were: Barnaby, Ann, Maria, Flora Ellen, Francis John, Catherine, Sarah Ann. Sandy occupied fifty acres of the hundred acre farm at Naufrage formerly occupied by Donald O’Henley