One of the most frequent questions that we receive is, "what is the oldest grave in the cemetery and where is it located?"  Well, look no further as here is your answer: 

McIsaac John M 1812 SMALLThe gravestone of John M. McIsaac, who died in 1812, at the age of 18, is the oldest grave in the cemetery that can be identified; this can be found on the right side of the cemetery, in the 3rd row.

Note that the gravestones of this era were cut from local sandstone which tends to weather poorly, and is also brittle.  We know that the cemetery was in operation for at least a few years before this burial, so it is possible that older tombstones have disintegrated over time, or perhaps may be uncovered in future excavations. 

So, for the time being, John M. McIsaac holds the honour of oldest gravestone.